Omkar Set

Contains the full set of 26 remedies in 7gm Pillules.

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Remedies included

Heal Alzheimer 50M

Heal Alveoli 200C

Heal Candida Tropicalis 30C

Heal Candida Albicans 30C

Remove Cocaine Addiction 200C

Heal Celiac Diseases 200C

Heal Intercostal Muscles 200C

Heal Epstein Barr 200C

Correct Folic Acid 1M

Correct Gastric Juices 6X

Remove Hepatitis A,B,C,D 50M

Heal Herpes-II 200C

Heal Meningitis 1M

Correct Metabolism Imbalance 30C

Remove Mites 30C

Heal Multiple Sclerosis CM

Heal Myalgic Encephalitis 200C

Heal Myasthenia Gravis 200C

Heal Osteoporosis 200C

Heal Parkinsons Disease 200C

Heal Papilloma 200C

Heal Periosteum 200C

Heal Prothrombin 200C

Remove Pus in the Body 200C

Heal Rheumatic Arthritis 50M

Heal Strep Faec 10M


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