TG + Syph. + Hornbeam
  • TG + Syph. + Hornbeam

TG + Syph. + Hornbeam

For those with a very syphilitic karma who need protection as they deal with negative ancestral energy. Pulls up memories that might be forgotten or suppressed from the patient's own past or from previous generations. The patient is faced with having to make decisions and judgements about past events or people that s/he has known and who have caused difficulties so that s/he can move forward.

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The patient may give the impression of being under psychic attack; this remedy should afford some protection. It helps patients to rediscover lost routes of enterprise by making amends for past mistakes. "I wish it could have been different;" a sense of being judged by others, H/O being judged; lack of self-worth. Joyless; remorseful

Available in 10ml Medicating Potency


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