Tissue Salts 13-27

Tissue salts are microminerals that can permeate through the cell membrane. They correct the causes of disturbed conditions in the body to heal and restore it from within.

Tissue salts work at the physical level and homeopathy works to correct the disturbed vital force.  Better results are seen with Homeopathy when the cell salt depletion is corrected.

We carry the difficult-to find- range of the trace minerals 13-27 which are essential for helping the body to detox toxins from our environment, such as heavy metals.  Deficiency of these minerals results in the toxins being stored in the body, leading to dis-ease. Once replenished with the tissue salts, the body is able to effectively get rid of these harmful substances. This range of tissue salts also helps to balance conditions such as acidity, thyroid function, sleeplessness and more.  

Tissue Salts 13-27

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