Narayani 18 Remedy Kit for every day use.

A one-of-its-kind 18-remedy kit for everyday ailments.  Has combination remedies for coughs, colds, fevers, injuries, digestive problems to name a few.  A perfect kit to use in the home or travel.

The remedies are contained in small glass bottles holding approximately 80 pills in lactose free, sucrose pill form (Size 2.5mm pillules, 2g bottles). Variable potencies.(See description)  Refills are available.

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  Delivery policy

We aim to ship orders of single remedies/ sets within 24 /96 hours of receiving a confirmed order

  Return policy

Once order has been shipped we do not accept returns. In the event there is damage due to the Postal/Courier service we will send out a replacement at our expense.

The remedies included are

Allergy Mix 200c

Calming Pills 30c

CCA 30c

Colds 6x

Cramps 200c

Croup 30c

Drawing 6x

Earache 30c

Fear Balance 50M

Flu 30C

Gastro Mix 200c

GFM 200c

Herpes 30c

Injury 30c

Pain 10M

Paramedic Rescue 50M

Stings & Bites 10M

War 1M